Manny Pacquiao Graduate from University

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Manny Pacquiao uploaded his graduation pictures on his social media handle Facebook this evening for the world to know that victory outside the boxing ring serves as an inspiration for people who are struggling to fight and to rise above difference.

Let us engrave this in our hearts: It is never too late to dream bigger dreams. It is never too late to accomplish our dreams. LIVE YOUR PASSION, not just for yourself, but for your family and for our country.

I am grateful to the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) of the Philippine Councilors League-Legislative Academy (PCCLA) which gives chance to qualified Filipinos to attain College degree/diploma- Filipinos who wish to complete college through informal education. The enriching learning program was in partnership with the University of Makati College of Continuing, Advanced and Professional Studies, the Development Academy of the Philippines, and the Philippine Society for Public Administration.

I will always remember the key lessons that I learned and the insights that I gained from all of you! I will always cherish the excitement that I experienced during the entire learning process leading to the exit conference, the final requirement that I needed to complete in order to earn a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science- Local Government Administration. I am excited to receive my diploma and display it on the wall. I dedicate this to my very beautiful and very supportive wife, Jinkee, and to our amazing children, Jimuel, Michael, Princess, Queenie, and Israel. I will also show this diploma to my Mommy Dionisia, my Dad, and my siblings and remind them of God’s faithfulness. Among my achievements, this will be the most meaningful.

Let this victory outside the boxing ring serve as an inspiration for people who are struggling to fight, to rise above adversity,
to conquer and to embrace life and all its difficulties.

Emmanuel D. Pacquiao
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science- Local Government Administration
Class of 2019, University of Makati


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