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The Management of the Ghana Education Service has organized a virtual meeting with heads of the Second Cycle institution about school placement challenges, schools that cannot run the double-track system, and the buffer stock house.

Most Double Track schools will still run the Double Track system for SHS 1 students contrary to the earlier plan to abolish the system for SHS 1. This has become necessary in the wake of the second wave of COVID-19 in the country.

Even though there will be the Double Track system, all the SHS 1 students will still report to school from 18th March. Between 18th and 21st March, 2021 the students should be assigned to Tracks in the portal. Management will come out soon with a new calendar for the Double Track schools.

Some schools especially, Adidome SHS cannot run Double Track system for SHS 1 students. If there is any other school which is Double Track but cannot run the system for SHS 1 students, the Head should get in touch with GES Management by Wednesday, 17th March, 2021.

Some new allocations have been made in the portals and enrolment can start later today, 16th March, 2021.

The Hon. Minister of Education assured that infrastructural projects would be completed as soon as possible in the Double Track schools in order to abolish the Double Track system.

Management appreciates the challenges the schools are facing with Buffer Stock. CHASS leadership has been briefed on steps taken to resolve the issues.

Some money has been released and it will hit the accounts of the schools within the week.

Heads entreated to use their discretion when students request to change programme. Generally, students should not move from less subscribed programmes to oversubscribed programmes. Again, the aggregate score of the students making the request should be considered to  see, if competitively, they could have been placed in the programme they would like to shift to before they are considered. In all cases, Heads are to use their discretion.

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