Anger as GES charges schools Ghc60 on New English Curriculum

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There is anger among Heads of Basic Schools and teachers in Upper West Akyem District of the Eastern region over a directive by the Ghana Education Service to headteachers of both Public and Private Basic Schools to pay Ghc60 per school for “Walk-through” exercise on the New English Curriculum.

The amount, according to a letter written and signed by the District Director of Education, Rose Yaa Akanyi, will cover learning resources, handouts, and cost on venue, transportation and accommodation of the Language coordinators.

Again, all basic school teachers and Headteachers who will participate in the workshop are being charged Ghc7 each for the certificate on the exercise.

The intended exercise scheduled to be run in turns for seven circuits grouped, begins Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at the District Assembly conference Hall, in Adeiso for three circuits in Adeiso township. The exercise will end on January 23, 2020 at Asuokaw for the last batch of Teachers in Asikesu and Asuokaw circuits.

Some Headteachers and Teachers have opposed the Ghc60 charge by the GES calling on the Ministry of Education to come clean on the matter.

“My brother, tell me if this is not pure extortion by the Ghana Education Service in Upper West Akyem. If you are building capacity for teachers in respect of the new curriculum Why should they be charged Ghc60 each school? Is it the teachers who called for this capacity building, No. Is it not the government who is doing this for the teachers? The Minister of Education and the Director-General of Ghana Education Service should come clean on this matter”

There are about 150 public Basic Schools in the Upper West Akyem Districts, according to information on Eastern Regional Co-ordinating Council’s website.




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