The AAU, eLearnAfrica and WILEY Education

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The Association of African Universities (AAU) has partnered with eLearnAfrica and WILEY Education Services to support African Universities migrate their teaching and learning activities to online platforms.

A statement issued by the AAU and copied to the Ghana News Agency said from the ongoing preparedness survey that seeks to ascertain how prepared our member universities are to respond to the COVID-19 disruptions they were learning that the majority of academic staff are expected to partially keep teaching and supervising research activities during this period.

It said 21 out of 78 universities said they were expected to fully teach during the lockdowns; 41 universities said that they were expected to partially teach and 16 universities were not expected to teach during the lockdowns.

“This partnership among the AAU, eLearnAfrica and Wiley Education Services aims to respond to the challenges that our member universities have reported in coping with COVID disruptions,” the statement said.

“Some of the top challenges that you have reported include ‘limited preparedness for online courses’, the ‘digital divide’ that is affecting students living in unconnected areas, broad ‘infrastructure’ challenges, ‘lack of e-learning platforms’ and ‘handling large numbers of students online’.”

It said this was a quick response to support our 400 member institutions so that they don’t lose time in terms of their current academic calendar commitments. Non-member institutions were also welcomed to express interest for support.

For follow-up enquiries including information about the highly subsidized support please complete this short form:


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