Voorhees College to Recruit Students from Africa Starting from Ghana

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Voorhees College and Ngorli Organization’s partnership has created an articulation agreement titled, NGORLI-VOORHEES COLLEGE Seamless Admissions and International Student Support Program (SAISS). The Seamless Admissions and International Student Support Program (SAISS) seeks to recruit and admit continental African students for undergraduate degree matriculation in Voorhees College Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate Programs.

Thus, the Seamless Admissions and International Student Support Program (SAISS) seeks to facilitate the seamless acceptance and admission of participating students recruited from Ngorli Organization.

The partnership provides a critical examination of the desire for continental African students to study in the United States and illuminates the problem of disproportionately low enrollment of continental African students in the United States’ Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Further, the partnerships founded bases on closely examining and enhancing strategies in international student recruitment and admissions, and most importantly provision of uncompromised in-country undergraduate retention, graduation, and guided career pathways support for continental African students upon enrollment.

The program seeks to streamline recruitment and admissions processes for continental African students to increase enrollment of continental African students at Voorhees College, an HBCU and to maximize student engagement and yield academic success and access to a bachelor’s degree and certificate programs.

Representatives from Ngorli Organization and Voorhees College will work collaboratively to: (1) maximize recruitment efforts of continental African students, (2) to increase enrollment of continental African students at Voorhees College exponentially, and (3) to develop and approve detailed student success and engagement plans and guided career pathways support for the matriculating students enrolled and matriculating at Voorhees College in a bachelor’s degree and/or certificate program.

While the short-term goal is the seamless recruitment and admissions of continental African students, the goal is to develop a comprehensive undergraduate support system for continental African student participants that will increase their retention, community engagement, leading to their subsequent graduation as highly skilled professionals prepared to contribute to the global society.

No SAT required to be admitted, addition is based on SSCE, WASSCE or College Transcript from Africa to make the process Seamless for Ghanaian Students.
Why is this very important
With the free Senior High School education and the exceedingly large or enormous number of students in our secondary school system, this is a timely intervention for our country.

Visit to the US Embassy Ghana
On June 18, Counselor for Public Affairs Roberto Quiroz II met with Voorhees College President, Dr. W. Franklin Evans; Voorhees College Provost & Vice President, Dr. Ronnie Hopkins; and CEO of the Ngorli Organization and President of the Ghana Association in Columbia, South Carolina, Mr. Raymond Senyo Anaglizukpe Amezado, to discuss the visit of students from Voorhees and Benedict colleges to Ghana to promote academic exchanges with Ghanaians.

President Evans underscored his commitment to welcome more Ghanaian youth to apply to his institution, noting: “We seek to provide our students a nurturing type of environment, multicultural and international focused, and want them to experience our community at Voorhees.” Mr. Amezado said that the Ghana Association is committed to making Ghanaian students feel at home.

How To Start:

To start the process, students have to fill inquiry form at the link below so the staff at Ngorli can help them: https://ngorli.org/voorhees-college

To learn more about the school, students or parents can go on the school’s website by clicking on the link below:

This can also be confirmed on the US Embassy Facebook page by clicking on the link below.

About Vorhees College
Founded in 1897 by Elizabeth Evelyn Wright, Voorhees College is a private, historically black college in Denmark, South Carolina, and United States. Voorhees College has partnered with the Ngorli Organization to recruit students from the continent of Africa.

About Ngorli Organization
The Ngorli Organization is a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization in the United State of America. Ngorli is founded by a US Army veteran and is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals of different backgrounds, age groups, and educational backgrounds with a common goal to uplift, inspire, and provide to deprived children across the globe. Ngorli-USA is the headquarters for Ngorli International and partners across the globe.


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