NSP furious about deductions in June allowances

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National Service Personnel in the New Juaben Municipality are furious over some GHȼ35.00 deductions made from their June allowance paid to them without any information.

The group complained about how they were forced to accept a nylon T-shirt when they submitted their June allowance form to the Municipal National Service Secretariat (NSS) at Koforidua.

When the T-shirt was forced on the personnel, they questioned the mode of distribution of the T-shirt and asked how the payments were to be made, but the executives of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) refused to provide them with answers at the time.

The service personnel argued that they had almost completed their service and so did not need the T-shirt.

The personnel said the quality of the T-shirt was so low that it is not good enough be worn and so they Christian the T-shirt “Duster for cleaning”.

Some of the personnel refused to accept the T-shirt and initiated social media campaign for the boycott of other programmes of the NASPA in the Municipality.

Mr Michael Agyei, the President of the New Juaben Municipal branch of NASPA, said the information concerning the deductions came to the leadership of the Association late, hence their inability to communicate it to members.

He explained that the GHȼ35.00 deducted was to cater for the cost of the T-shirt distributed to the personnel which cost GHȼ20.00, and the GHȼ15.00 was for dues to the association.

He said the initiative for the provision of the T-shirt was a decision made by the previous national executives of NASPA.

Mr Agyei apologized for the inconvenience caused and appealed to the personnel to bear with the municipal executives since they did all they could to avoid the deductions.


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