GES will not defend teachers who assault students

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The Ghana Education Service (GES) has reiterated its caution to teachers against corporal punishment.

Mr Gideon Tsawodzi, the Volta Regional Guidance and Counselling Coordinator, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said, the Service had banned caning in private and public primary and secondary schools and would not defend any teacher reported for assaulting pupils and students.

He said the decision was to promote safe and protective learning and teaching environment for children and teachers.

Mr Tsawodzi said reports indicated that some teachers were not keen on practising positive discipline or complying with laid down procedure for discipline developed by the GES and said those teachers would not enjoy any protection from the Service. 

He said perceptions by some teachers and parents that “the African child needs the cane” was wrong and asked teachers to comply with the positive discipline directive. 

Mr Tsawodzi noted that corporal punishment left emotional scars like trauma, fear and timidity on children and advised teachers to try bringing pupils and teachers closer than sending them away with the cane. 

He said parents were allowed to file cases of assault against teachers who injured or lashed a child and asked them to be wary of such court summons.

 Mr Tsawodzi said in cases, where children transgressed positive discipline, they should be referred to guidance and counselling centres in schools or districts.


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