SHS Freshers to start school on Sept. 15-GES

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The Ghana Education Service (GES)has announced 15th September 2019 as the reopening date for all freshers who are about entering into Senior High School.

Explaining the dates to the media at a press conference at Aburi, Director General for the GES, prof Opoku Amankwah said, the Green track students are to report on the 15-9-2019.

While he also announced that, the Gold track student will report to school on 12-11-2019.
Touching on the feeding program, he said a committee has been set to look into the matters arising with the issues of feeding problem.
He said, management was working with buffer stock to provide schools with foods stuffs.

Responding to the NAGRAT sit down strike, he said they will meet with the executives to address the issues.

Ghana|| Vincent Kwofie

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