Choose schools you can afford– Private Schools to “whining” parents

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The Conference of Directors of Private Pre Tertiary Schools-Ghana (CODPPTS), has advised parents to enroll their wards in schools they can afford.

This statement from the Private school owners follows a backlash from parents who have argued that private schools are using the covid-19 and reopening of schools to siphon money from them (parents).

Speaking at the 22nd Covid-19 update address, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo stated that government has taken the required steps to ensure the safety of the Kids in schools.

“Heads of institutions, as well as their teachers, have undergone the requisite orientation on “Guidelines for school re-opening during COVID-19”, to enable them assist with compliance of students with the protocols. I have been encouraged by the preparations being made by many schools, in some cases, with the support of their old student associations and PTAs, in anticipation of the return on Monday”, he added.

A statement signed by the President of The Conference of  Directors of Private Pre Tertiary Schools-Ghana (CODPPTS), Philip Boateng Mensah, explained that there is no law in Ghana compelling a parent to keep their ward in a particular school.

According to the statement, parents are at liberty to choose schools that suit their budgets in the business world.

“  For Example, how do you insist on having your launch at a five star-star hotel when your lunch money is GHS20 when there are other restaurants that can  provide you lunch and will exactly be within your budget. What is strange is that some very well educated parents who are supposed to know better  in such cases are the ones who come to make the argument of private schools non-consultation with parents regarding fees increase.”

Just as hotels, spare parts dealers and in fact all private entities in Ghana do not consult customers before they review their prices upwards, Private school operators are not obliged to consult parents before any price adjustment”, portions of the statement said.


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