Questions for teachers promotion exam leaked

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Joy News has copies of leaked examination questions of the ongoing promotion exams for teachers to various positions.

Questions for the examinations set by the Ghana Education Service (GES) as well as the answers are said to have leaked hours to the examinations.

Central Regional correspondent, Richard Kwadwo Nyarko who has been investigating the incident said he intercepted some of the questions hours before the examination.

This is the first time the Service is conducting the exam, a shift from the interviews that are conducted annually.

Those writing include teachers who are in Superintendent, Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director I and II as well as the Deputy Director positions.

According to the reporter, all the 75 multiple choice questions and their answers for the Assistant Director II position was leaked.

He said some teachers he spoke with after the exam expressed surprise at how quickly some of their colleagues were able to finish answering all the 75 questions under 20 minutes and were very eager to leave the hall.

Another paper that leaked was for the position of Deputy Director. This exam was being taken at midday Friday, by the time this report was made but the questions and answers had leaked 24 hours earlier. 

Enquires from officers at the Institute of Educational Planning at the University of Cape Coast, who is in charge of the exam expressed shock because they said they did not allow the teachers to take the questions out of the hall. 

They said they are going to investigate the issue.



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