Stepping into Tomorrow book launched

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A book entitled “Stepping into Tomorrow” has been launched as a tool to help readers who find themselves in a state of hopelessness to seek alternative routes with practicable and actionable plans to realise their dreams.

The book Authored by Tommy de Laurence seeks to help the readers with a personal narrative of didactic experiences.

Educated in two elite institutions of higher learning in Ghana and the United States of America, Tommy de Laurence premises his perception of life on Tennysonian concept of optimism.

Tommy de Laurence demonstrates to readers that in times of extreme hopelessness, there is a circumstantial answer, a guiding philosophy from the poetic lines “come friends, it’s never too late to make a newer world”.

The 257-page Book also captures the outlook against adversities threads through the authors narratives to give readers better overview of life to surmount challenges.

The first part of “Stepping Into Tomorrow” engages the reader’s mind with seductive anticipation for adventure across futuristic boundaries of uncertainty.

The book begins with a search for visa under tumultuous circumstances in the 1960s in Ghana and continues with accounts of revealing events.

In all, the author’s smooth presentation of materials, blended with humour and intellectual honesty justifies a consensus basis for choosing “Stepping Into the Tomorrow” as the book of the week by the American Association of Readers Column.

source: GNA


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