Student Tests Positive For Coronavirus At Wesley SHS

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The Wesley Senior High School at Konongo in the Ashanti Region has recorded one case of the coronavirus.

The case involving a student, has attracted the attention of health workers and contact tracers who have since been dispatched to the school.

According to a Citi News report, the student was diagnosed with malaria and asked to return home after being rushed to the Konongo Government hospital with symptoms of the virus.

An uncle of the student, Osei Kwadwo said his nephew was only informed about his status after he was left to travel his own subsequently to Kumasi from the school.

He is even more worried about the fact the affected student has had to stay home with his family; mother and siblings since his return from school. He believes the situation could have been better handled by the school authorities and health workers.

“The government has said that no parent should come to the school to visit their ward… We are told that you don’t have to get close to people with COVID-19 and so I am very concerned that they left the student to journey on his own alone from Konongo to Kumasi. He returned to his mother and siblings and is still living with them. We don’t have any place to quarantine him. His mother has also taken the test and her results are not out yet,” he said.
This comes following reports about some 6 students at the Accra Girls Senior High School testing positive for the coronavirus.

The patients, all students of the school, were isolated at the school’s sickbay on Monday, June 29, 2020, together with some other students who also showed symptoms of COVID-19.

According to a Citi news report, six out of eleven students who were tested for the virus tested positive.

Health officials from the Ayawaso East Health directorate on Saturday, July 4, moved the students who tested positive to the Ga East Municipal Hospital for treatment.

There have since been protests by these students and concerned parents who want their wards to return home following the development.

School authorities however say students will remain on campus for testing as they handle and manage the situation

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