Baldev Pari, The Man Who Teaches Math To Thousands Using Internet

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Education is the most powerful weapon in today’s world. One equipped with education can achieve anything. Now a days there are several institutions apart from schools and colleges from where the students can get educated. But the major drawback of these institutions or coaching are that they offer paid services only which may not be within reach of every student. So a teacher from Vadodara came up with a solution to reach out as many students as possible to educate them for free.

    Baldev Pari The Man who Teachers Math’s to Thousands Using Internet


While teaching at the school, I noticed that several students needed extra guidance and help, but could not afford tuitions,” said Baldev Pari.

Baldev Pari, a mathematics and science teacher of STD 9 and 10 at Barwala Secondary School in Bhesan taluka of Junagadh district ,harnessed the power of internet and created an online portal along with youtube channel. He is an MSc, BEd and MA (Education) with an agenda to reach those students who are financially weak. He created his own studio to record teaching videos in Gujarati for the poor students. While others would have seen it as a profitable business, for him it was his passion to teach. He kept on doing his work even though he didn’t have much technical expertise. He learnt most of it at a program for bloggers working for education organised by Unicef.

I registered my website in the year 2010 and started working on it. But as I was not an expert at it, I could make it regular only in 2011,” he said. Since then, Pari has been regularly posting videos on mathematics on the website. “The students can access the material whenever they want to. I have also put up question papers and their solutions on the website,” said Baldev Pari.

Although he was a teacher of mathematics, he also uploaded videos on value education on his website and youtube channel. His wife Bhavna also supported his passion and became the voice of his value education videos. He didn’t ask for any outside help. It did cost him 7 lakh to setup his studio, yet he managed it on his own earnings without hesitation. When you work for the welfare of others, you automatically get support. His work was also appreciated by students. Till now his website has gathered over 93 lakh visitors and his youtube subscriber base grew up to 5,500. Every student now had access to his lectures on their finger tips. He made it more interesting by putting up weekly quizzes in ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ style. Baldev took it further by training teachers too. He conducted 20 workshops to train teachers about using digital media to impart education.

They come at their own expense and bring their own food on a Sunday to get tips. So far, we must have trained around 2,000 to 3,000 students. Even education minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama had attended one such programme,” said Baldev Pari.

Due to his great contribution towards imparting education he was honored with the National Award to Teachers for the year 2017. His work is selfless and sets the benchmark for an ideal teacher. He is the true digital ‘Brahma’ for the students who can’t afford to pay for coaching but are eager to learn. His initiative is spreading fast and he hopes to reach out all the needy students. People like him add the essence to this noble profession.

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